Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Potty training and a broken window

Here's another layout I did for the font challenge on Scrapbook-bytes. The font (my title) is University Script. I love big, loopy, elegant font's like this!

Ok, so it isn't really good quality...I wonder why....but if you wanna see it, you can click here for a better look...

Now, onto not so fun stuff....

So, Ryan decided to break one of their bedroom windows yesterday morning. Sure hope it doesn't cost us too much to fix. Things are already tight around here, we didn't need that on top of it all. Then to top it off, he was up there last night, when he was supposed to be sleeping, pushing on it.......he was trying to push one of the "V" shaped broken pieces in, toward the screen (or, out, I suppose). I swear, he's an accident waiting to happen! Zach cut his finger slightly on that same piece of glass today. Thank goodness they fixed it today!

Oh, I think this is FINALLY the turn I've been waiting for! Alex has only had 1 accident in the last 3 days and that was Monday morning. He's even been dry through his naps both days! Now that I've said all of this, I've jinxed it, I know, lol. But I think he's finally interested. Maybe it's all the praise, maybe it's the candy. I don't really care, as long as he keeps it up!

And for those of you who think I'm being nad by giving him candy, my kids NEVER get candy, unless it's Halloween or Easter! Infact, this Halloween, I had to throw out last years Halloween candy! That's how seldom they get candy. But, hey! It's a GREAT motivator for potty training!

We went to the zoo with my SAHM group yesterday. That was lots of fun. The boys had a blast. Poor Shannon! Hers were the only girls and they wanted to run with the boys! Well, Lexi did, anyway. My boys inspired one of the others to come out of his shell :) A is not a climber, but after a little prompting and some careful observation, he was climbing with the twins in no time :) Such fun!

Now I'm off to do yet MORE laundry...that never-ending pile....

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