Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's finished

Today was the last day of Preschool for the twins. I though I'd be a little more upset than I was. I was completely fine until their teacher gave me a hug. Then I got a little misty-eyed. When I picked them up and read their report cards, She put on there that she was going to miss them, us and especially Alex. I found this so touching. Alex loved taking his brothers to school and was always more excited than the twins to see Mrs. McCarthy. I always had a hard time pulling him away from the classroom. I was very touched that she said she would miss him. I will have to make it a point to stop in and see her next year, although Alex will be in the Tues/Thurs class, opposite days that she teaches. But I'll still have to take the boys over there to see her.

I still remember my first teacher. She's long since retired, but I remember her name, what she looked like, the classroom, everything. What I love is that Mrs. McCarthy has instilled such a love of learning and a love for school into the boys, much as Mrs. Pasto did in me.

But now, it's 11 weeks of fun until school starts again!

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