Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My patriotic duty is done for today!

Yes, that's right. I have voted. And, I must say that the new touch-screen voting machines are SO MUCH EASIER than those stupid pull tabs. I never could get that right. I am sure I voted for people I had no intentions of voting for because I couldn't get the hang of the pull-tab voting. DH points out that I could have asked for help. Um, yeah, but don't you think that after asking for help EVERY TIME, they'd start to think I was a moron? I know I would! And it's the same ladies in there proctoring every voting day, so I know they know who I am (especially since we've had conversations about the weather before...hint hint).

Anyway, when I voted in the 2000 election, I was a junior in college. I skipped classes that day and went home to vote. We had the touch-screen voting machines then and I loved them. We had paper ballots in ND...scantron! No, I'm not kidding! It was like taking a test! LOL. That was too funny. Talk about taking forever to vote! I think that was much more problematic than the "hanging chads", or at least you would think. I don't remember any complaints with them, though, so they must have worked for them there in no-mans-land. Wonder if they've joined the 21st century yet..........

Ok, so, enough about all of that. Just remember to vote today! Polls are open until 8 pm, so unless you work from 5 am-9 pm with no break, you ahve no excuse! Well, there are a few excuses I can think of....but that's another post in and of itself.

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