Thursday, June 01, 2006

American Idol... Can Bring Out the Worst in People

Son Attacks Mother Over 'American Idol' Dispute

First of all, my wonderful wife has allowed me to be a guest poster on her blog. Now I will confess Trish and I are American Idol fans, and for me personally of all the past contestants I really enjoyed this years winner, Taylor Hicks. In fact, I enjoyed his performances and singing so much that I have downloaded and purchased his pre-Idol CD "Under the Radar" (If you like blues and soul you will like this CD trust me) and it has made me enjoy his ability even more. So yes I am a proud member of the "Soul Patrol."
Now, as I was reading some stories about American Idol I came across this. Like I said we are fans but there is a fine line from enjoying a TV show and being down right psychotic... My mom and I disagreed on who we wanted to win this years American Idol but it never came to this...

Man attacks mother over 'American Idol' dispute

A Plattsburgh man is facing felony charges for allegedly striking his mother in
the head after the two disagreed about the fate of an "American Idol"
contestant.According to court records, 24-year-old Cory Favreau was discussing
the television show with his mother, Jan Chagnon, on May 24th -- the night of the finale.
His mother made comments that contestant Katharine McPhee was
going to have a successful career despite losing to another contestant, Taylor
Favreau allegedly stood up, made a malicious comment to his mother
and struck her in the head with a sharpened, cross-shaped object attached to a
bicycle chain.
Court records say the two were drinking alcohol at the time.

So what have we learned... American Idol and Alcohol do not mix...

See if those two can get along can't we all?

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