Thursday, June 01, 2006

My lucky charm

I took the boys to the park late yesterday afternoon and plopped myself on the hill next to a clover patch. Out of habit, I started looking for a 4 leaf clover, not really expecting to find one. You see, I've done this so many times in my life and I've never found one. But, it's fun to look, anyway. However, yesterday was different. What did I find in the clover patch, but a 4 leaf clover! How fun! I'm not a superstitious person, I don't have any lucky charms. I'm not going to carry this around on a necklace or anything, lol. But, I am keeping it. Mostly for the rarity, I suppose. Maybe a little bit for the hope that it will mean our luck is changing ;)

And, although this one is blurry, I took it to show that there really are 4 leaves, not just 3 that look like 4, kwim?

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