Friday, July 14, 2006

I am fighting for new legislation in PA and in the US.

I received this message in my MySpace inbox back in February. At the time, I simply signed the petition. I did not feel the need to fight for this at that current time. After all, my kids were in the same preschool class and I had not experienced not having a voice in their education. Now that they are registered for Kindergarten, that has changed. I was told upon registering them at their respectie school that they "usually separate" them (them being twins or multiples). When I told the secretary that it is our wish that they be together, the response I received was that they would "note it, but it probably wouldn't do any good." This upset me and still does. I am now in the midst of a fight to keep the twins together in the same classroom when they start kindergarten next month. Suddenly, this legislation hits home to me. Not that I didn't care before, because I did. We parents of multiples have a bond that none other can understand. I was doing my part, however silently, to help. Now, I am speaking out. I am writing my congressmen and women. I am writing my senators. At both the state and federal levels. I realize that they have better things to do right now than to pursue this.....they are all (or at least most) in the midst of their re-election campaigns. But, at least it's out there, right? Better that than my passiveness.

And don't think because you aren't a parent of multiples that you can't help! You can! Doesn't every parent deserve a voice in their child/ren's education? If you believe in a paren'ts right to choose, please sign the petition. Sign it for whatever state you live in. Help give us parents of multiples a voice, whether it's for our kids to stay together, or for them to be apart. Either way, we deserve that right. Thank you for your help!

p.s.~ The message is talking about New york, since that's currently where there is a law under review, but there are some in other states, as well. Many times, it take s people like you and I to show there is an interest to get something like this even thought of.


I am writing to inform you of a National Campaign of Parents and Twin Researchers and Advocates who have joined together to see that State Legislation for New York and Federal Twin Bill Legislation become a reality for all. The Bill would allow parents of twins, triplets and higher order multiples to have a primary "voice" in the placement decisions of their multiple birth children either separately or together within the classroom. Last year Minnesota passed the first ever "Twin Bill" which was sponsored by Senator Dennis Frederickson and signed into law on May 5th 2005. Senator Frederickson is actively working on the campaign in hopes of Federal Legislation.

You may be unaware that across the country, twins, triplets and higher order multiples are routinely subjected to “forced separation “ policies enforced by school principles and districts, against parental wishes, very often beginning as early as Pre-K. Children are not placed together or separately based on their individual needs or on PARENTAL requests, but on outdated, arbitrary practices held firm by educators in the hopes of promoting “individuality”. Though there is no medical, psychological or academic evidence to substantiate an across the board policy as being beneficial for all multiple children , educators continue to enforce such policies very often to the children’s detriment, the heartache of their parents and to the dismay of researchers and advocates who have called for it to end.

Current research studies from the Internationally renown Twin Researchers and Authors, Dr. Nancy Segal Ph.D. and Dr. John Mascazine PH. D., The International Society for Twin Studies along with National Twin Advocacy Groups like the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Twin Magazine,, Twins , Twin Topics and countless other multiple birth Organizations, all advocate FLEXIBLE placement policies, yet multiples, who are guilty of nothing more than sharing a birthright of multiplicity are routinely discriminated against and treated as a “group” .

To join the campaign log onto our web site and sign the contact list. Share your stories about the difficulties you have encountered with the National Education System (Public and Private) as we are creating a National Registry to show how badly this Legislation is needed. Every voice will count! You can access this and other important information at;

and please support New York's State's campaign for Twin Bill Legislation which is currently underway by clicking on the link below or you may access it also from the twinslegislation site.

***You do not have to be a parent of a multiple birth child or even from New York to sign-You only need to support a flexible placement policy and a parents right to choose****HELP US MAKE LEGISLATIVE HISTORY IN NEW YORK!!!!!

Please pass this information to every person you know so that every parent may be informed. This Bill is super important for our children and will be featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES this week. We proudly have the support of Dr. Nancy Segal, Dr. John Mascazine, The International Society for Twin Studies, Twins Magazine, About Twins World, The International Society for Twin Studies, Twin Topics, The NOMOTC and many others!!

You can read our story here:

Thanks again,
Kathy Dolan


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