Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This has gone too far

What in the world have we come to??? I heard a story (click here to read it) on talk radio, during their news break, about a 16 year old boy who is being forced to undergo chemotherapy for his Hodgkin's cancer. Um, excuse me! When did it become a court's decision what someone does with their body? It's ok to allow a teenage girl or woman to chose to kill her unborn child, but if a teenager, with the support of his/her parents, wants to chose alternative treatments to chemotherapy, suddenly he/she does not have that right? What the heck?

What burns me even more is that a social worker is the one who requested that he be ordered to undergoe another round of chemotherapy. HELLO! Does this social worker not have more important things to worry about, like, oh, the thousands of children being abused??

This is unbelievable to me! This is no different than a neighbor telling us that they don't like the way we raise our kids and going to the court to have them order us to raise them a certain way. If we aren't abusing them, and they are happy and healthy (and they are), then who's business is it how we raise our kids?? (This is my biggest peeve, btw....someone telling someone else how to raise their kids and what they should/shouldn't do).

3 of my grandparents dies from cancer and I saw 2 of them go through chemo at some point in their battle (one of my grandfathers was around 82, and therefore not willing to fight it....can't say I blame him. He wasn't in the greatest health before the onset of cancer). It is horrendous what it can do to you. I am watching my pastor go through chemo right now. I don't blame this kid for seeking other alternatives. It's nobody's business but he and his parent's how he treats his cancer.

Unbelievable.... if this holds up, it is scary to think about what else the courts can order us to do. Where is the good in this? When will it end? I would ask when has it gone too far, but I think it already has...... I know the courts in this country have too much power, imo, when I see things like this happening.


This story has been updated. Click here to see updated story.

The judge lifted the order and ended the joint custody between the parents and state social services officials. Thank goodness there is one sane judge out there!

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