Thursday, July 13, 2006

Today's special is

Hmmm, not many responses to the minimum wage thing. Could it be possible that everyone thinks as I do? Impossible! Oh, well. It's no big deal....I was just hoping to get a plethora of opinions and facts, etc.

So, today's "menu" (aka to do list):

[ ] vacuum
[ ] clean crayon off of carpet
[ ] declutter the living room
[ ] laundry!
[ ] tag clothes and such for Lil' Lamb's sale

Ok, I think that's good enough for today :) Tha should keep me plenty busy.

I'm a bit bummed today, though. One of the moms in my mommy group is going back to work and was looking for a full-time sitter. I was the first to respond, as I'd love to earn a little extra money watching a baby/kid. Well, it turns out she wanted someone to come to her home in Waterford to do it from 2-5:30. I couldn't do that since the twins will get out of school at 2:30. Then she said maybe someone could meet her sil halfway on Peach and another mommy responded before I could :( I wasn't quick enough on the ball, I guess. Oh, well. Maybe next time. And, it was only seasonal, anyway.

Ok, off to work on my to do list!

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