Thursday, July 27, 2006

Where did it go?

It's already the last weekend of July! I can not believe that! That means school starts in 3 weeks. Boy, I don't know where the summer went but I feel like I missed it! Is this how all of the summers go once you have kids in school? I remember when I was little summers used to last forever. Well, in my eyes, anyway.

My mom's birthday is Tuesday. I will miss it this year (possibly), like I missed my dad's 50th earlier this year. But, I promised not to miss her 50th next year. I might even have to conspire with my step-dad and sister to plan something for her (no, she doesn't read my blog, so no fear of spoiling it for her, lol). Hmmmm, I only have a year, so I'd better get conspiring.....I mean working on it, lol.

Ok, I need to go finish a paper or two and head off to bed. Tomorrow, it's off to the beach!

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